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Timberline Memory #2: Sunday Dancing

Everybody danced. 

I loved going to the Timberline on Sunday afternoons.

The music was a fun mix of disco and dance tunes. And the crowd …

The folks who showed up were a more relaxed, generally older crowd than the clubs on Capitol Hill.

There was less pretense, no attitude, carefree.

As I remember, the crowd was mostly gay men. Women of all persuasions were in the mix. The straight-but-not-narrow folks as well. We all were having a blast.

I do remember seeing some hotties there. It wasn’t the place I thought about when when I wanted to meet someone or hook up. The Timberline was more a let down your hair and have fun dancing place. By yourself, or with a group of friends.

I don’t remember much about the bar’s interior—just the golden glow of the muted sun coming in through the windows on summer days.

If you partied all weekend, the Sunday tea dance was a good way to bring it down before you had to start up the work week again. Or, if you didn’t have to work, it was another pre-night on the town soiree.